Fujitsu has announced availability of the latest memory chip jointly produced and developed with AMD. The new chip, a 64M-bit flash memory, offers dual operation, which means it can perform both read, write and erase functions at the same time, Fujitsu said in a statement. Compared to conventional chips, which can perform a single operation at any one time, the new chip offers better performance. Fujitsu said the chip also includes Flexbank technology which gives customers the ability to allocate data and programs to memory banks according to system requirements rather than being restricted to the four fixed banks usually found in such devices. Small sector blocks, which can also be positioned by customers to make the most of the available space, are available in two banks to house system start-up programs. In addition, the chip includes a Hi-ROM (Hidden Read Only Memory) sector where security-related information can be stored to help prevent illegal copying. Samples of the new chips will be available from Fujitsu this month priced at around £30 per chip with commercial production due to begin in September.