Fujifilm has announced the latest addition to its range of SLR-like cameras in the shape of the FinePix S8000fd. Like its popular predecessors the new camera features a lightweight, compact body, but with a significantly boosted feature set: including a hugely versatile 18x optical zoom, CCD-shift image stabilisation, eight-megapixel resolution and face detection technology.

The FinePix S8000fd’s 18x zoom lens covers a range equivalent to 27- 486mm on a 35mm camera, the FinePix S8000fd’s zoom offers everything from true wide angle to extreme telephoto in a single compact unit.

The wide angle is perfect for large group shots and sweeping landscapes; the long telephoto lens is capable of picking out a single face on a distant stage.

Fujifilm says that the FinePix S8000fd uses a combination of advanced technologies to ensure perfect results even at the longest telephoto settings - no matter how challenging the shooting conditions. CCD-shift image stabilisation helps combat the effects of camera shake, and high sensitivity settings of up to ISO 6400 keep shutter speeds high enough to minimize subject blur even in low light. Fujifilm’s Face Detection technology locks onto faces – even at the full 18x zoom setting – and tracks them as they move around the frame, optimising focus and exposure.

The FinePix S8000fd will be available from UK retailers in mid September. Pricing will be announced nearer to the date of retail launch.