Fujifilm has announced the release of a new digital compact camera in the UK, the FinePix F710. Based on the F700, the F710 ups the zoom to 4x optical. The F710 also adds a pop-up flash, a widescreen LCD and PictBridge compatibility.

The F710 has the same six-megapixel Super CCD SR sensor as the F700, and looks very similar. The camera will be available from April; pricing has yet to be announced.

The F710’s 4x optical zoom now gives the equivalent to 32.5mm to 130mm in 35mm format. The pop-up flash will increase the distance of the flash from the axis of the lens, which Fuji claim will reduce the effects of red-eye.

The 2.1 inch widescreen LCD will allow the display of 16:9 format images, and PictBridge compatibility will allow for industry-standard PC-less printing direct to compatible printers.