The commercial for this year's Earth Hour -- which took place on Saturday March 28 -- brings to life the spirit of the event with a light-hearted story about a community working together to show their support for it. Earth Hour encourages people and companies to turn off their lights for one hour, once a year, to highlight the environmental effects of wasting energy. All of the VFX for the spot were created by Fuel

Watch the Earth Hour spot here.

Written by Leo Burnett creative Gary Dawson and directed by Plaza’s Nick Robertson, the spot depicts residents of an apartment block draping their building in sheets to create an enormous high-rise candle. CG cloth simulations were used to create the wider exterior shots of the block.

Fuel has contributed visual effects to Earth Hour spots since the campaign's inception three years ago and the studio says that it's are proud to have played a small part in a idea conceived locally in Sydney that has inspired over 80 cities worldwide to join the campaign this year.