Softpress has announced version 3.0 of its Web design package, Freeway. The upgrade offers a whole host of new features and should cost around £180, or $50 for a full upgrade from version 2.0. Other forms of upgrade, such as competitive from products including Dreamweaver and GoLive, are also available. The furthest reaching changes in version 3.0 are a number of productivity improvements and support from producing multilingual sites. Working in Freeway is now faster, especially using file-based commands. For example, opening large Freeway documents is now up to ten times faster. Limited support for AppleScript is also included. To create multilingual sites, Freeway 3.0 uses Apple’s WorldScript technology to encode multiple versions of the same site. Text is placed in the page as HTML – or can be rendered as JPEGs or GIFs for a wide range of languages, including Japanese, Swedish and Russian. Vertical Japanese text can also be displayed. The other major addition to the application is a built-in JavaScript interpreter for Freeway’s Actions, which allows users fluent in JavaScript to write materials in that language and use them as Actions. Actions are dynamic controls, which work with databases and multimedia content such as QuickTime, Shockwave and Flash movies – and until now had to be written using Freeway’s proprietary system. The JavaScript interpreter opens these controls up to a much wider audience. Also included in this latest version includes the ability to import Photoshop and Illustrator files, as well as Photoshop plug-ins for importing images in any format that application can read and directly scanning into Freeway. QuickTime and Flash movies can also now be directly previewed. Outside the realm of images, a new link map and checker keeps site structure under control – and a rollover editor for easy compilation of JavaScript rollovers, which stay fully editable until the site is published.