Macromedia has announced FreeHand MX, which brings the Studio MX interface to the vector-drawing tool. The update enhances management facilities and support for dynamic media for both print and Web projects. The addition of the Studio MX interface is designed to make it easier to work across the family of tools from Macromedia, which include Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash. It features a customizable workspace where dockable palettes can be grouped together, collapsed or expanded. It also brings together object properties in the Object palette. Multiple attributes allows users to apply an unlimited number of strokes, fills and effects to a single vector or text object. Vector effects such as bend and sketch, and raster effect such as bevel and blur, can be applied to selected attributes of an object (or the entire object, if you wish). Web designers will benefit from the Connector Lines tool, which sets up relationships between objects. Flash MX SWF files can be imported into a FreeHand MX document and edited in Flash MX via the Object panel, while Flash MX can also open Freehand MX documents. Other new features include assignment of ActionScript navigation commands through drag-&-drop, extrusion, blend and eraser tools, and reshapable editable primitives. FreeHand MX costs £289 plus VAT. Upgrading from version 10 costs £70 plus VAT, while upgrading from version 9 costs £109 plus VAT.