Now every Digit reader can take the grunt work out of 3D character animation - as the full commercial version of Curious Labs Poser 3.0 will be FREE with the next issue of Digit. The application, as sold for £210, will be joined with a fantastic After Effects book FREE for each reader. This value-packed issue costs just £4.99, and with four other FREE 3D packages on CD worth over £500, Digit is the best-value digital arts magazine on the market! Curious Labs Poser is the best character animation tool for Mac and Windows, and the full version includes inverse kinematics, tons of posable figures, animal models, props such as hair, aimatable facial expressions, a walk designer, and tons of goodies and extras. Inside the magazine, a Poser 3.0 tutorial will show you how to recreate Bullet Time from the film The Matrix using Poser 3.0. Four other complete software packages include Wirefusion 2.0 (worth nearly £300), Discreet gMax (a cut-down version of 3DS Max for game designers), NaN Blender (top 3D package for Mac OS X and Windows), and AIST Movie3D-One - the full-working version! Also included is a full Adobe After Effects book, Creative After Effects, which includes pages and pages of hints, tips, and tutorials on getting the most from After Effects. Make sure you subscribe now, get a FREE Photoshop 6.0 book, and save £££ to ensure to secure this issue. And remember, at £4.99 Digit offers more: more value, more content, more free software - and saves you money to boot! Digit is on sale on February 7, 2002. Circle it now in your calendar, and get more for your money.