CrumplePop has released CrumplePop Photo, a free Polaroid-style HD photo effect for Apple's Final Cut Pro.

CrumplePop offers a range of free and paid Final Cut Pro Templates to add hand-drawn elements to creative projects.

You can transform any image into a Polaroid-style snapshot, right on the Final Cut Pro timeline. You can also enter your photo caption, which appears in hand-drawn magic marker, without leaving the video-editing suite.

"The snapshot with a little caption in marker at the bottom - it's especially common in print media. We wanted to use it in our broadcast and film projects, so we created this effect. It turned out really well, with edges that stay smooth at HD resolution even when they're rotated, and a beautiful faded look that captures the weird colour properties of old instant photos," Gabriel Cheifetz, Creative Director at CrumplePop.

CrumplePop Photo is available as a free digital download with three different caption fonts, and with both "faded" and "fresh" photo looks.