FREE! Canvas 6.0 with next issue!

Digit has just inked a deal with top vector and creative software maker Deneba to bring you the full version of Canvas 6.0 on a second CD next issue. This is the complete, unlocked, yours-to-keep-forever version for both Mac OS and Windows! Digit 41 goes on sale October 4, 2001. Deneba Canvas 6 is an integrated vector illustration, image editing, page layout, presentation, and web design application. Canvas 6 is engineered to meet the standards of expert graphic designers, while its integration of features into a single creative application makes it accessible and ideal for the majority of the graphics market. Version 6.0 includes Deneba's revolutionary SpriteLayer technology, which makes it easy for everyone - from the graphics enthusiast, to the corporate engineer, to the seasoned designer – to create layering and blending effects such as cutaways, translucency, dissolves, and vignettes. SpriteLayer technology represents an industry breakthrough because it allows users to apply an unlimited variety of compositing effects to any type of object (vector, bitmap, or text) - or even complex groups of objects - all while retaining each original object's editing properties. This FULL VERSION includes: Layer, blend, and composite vector drawings, photographic images, and text with complete transparency control. Create pixel-based transparency masks (edited with painting tools) for any vector, bitmap, or text object with settings for resolution, 256 levels of opacity for each pixel of the mask, and nine transfer modes. Create precise bézier curves and lines, plus multipage documents. Create and edit bitmap images with pixel-precision. Apply over 30 effects filters, including new additions such as Motion Blur, Radial Blur, Zoom Blur, Twirl, Ripple, and Spherize; also includes Gaussian blur, Noise, Unsharp Mask, Emboss, Solarize, and more. FULL DTP controls and tools, layout with layers, full PDF output, Pantone system – plus Web-design features and tools. RESERVE YOUR ISSUE NOW! THIS WILL SELL OUT!

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