e frontier has released an export module for its Poser 7 3D character design and animation software that allows models to be used within Photoshop CS3 Extended without rendering. The company is also offering a set of already-exported 3D models that any owner of the forthcoming Extended version of Photoshop can use, even if they don't own Poser.

The exporter turns models into .obj files that can be imported into Photoshop CS3 Extended's 3D layers - and then moved, scaled and lit to match your composition. The 16 free models are already in this format, having been exported from the models that ship with Poser 7 - and include both texture and geometry information.

The module is still in beta and requires Poser 7, which costs $249.99 (£127). Upgrades are available for $129.99 (£66).