After a three year absence, earlier this week saw the return of Ask Jeeves with the Jeeves butler returning as’s brand icon. The butler is again the face of popular search engine, which will be returning to its original name, Ask Jeeves, in the UK.

In keeping with the times, Jeeves has changed his appearance a little – not least in becoming a fully 3D character. The ever-helpful butler’s new look required a little shopping expedition. Top Savile Row tailors, Gieves & Hawkes, crafted a suit for him, whilst design and animation were made to measure by Framestore.

Watch Framestore's ad for Ask Jeeves here.

A multimedia campaign has been launched to promote Jeeves’ return, including six 10-second TV spots, Homepage takeovers on key websites, as well as print ads and associated events. Framestore says the project provided an opportunity to show show off two sides of its business that it's currently expanding: the active creative role it can play in the development of digital characters and animation, and its ability to deliver a full media campaign from inception to delivery. These are designed to allow Framestore to offer a 'one-stop shop; for all associated digital peripherals tied to a TV campaign.

The return of Jeeves complements an extensive programme of improvements and enhancements to the search engine, and is in response to research that showed that the butler was widely liked and felt to be approachable, trustworthy and, above all, helpful, according to the company.

It was with all of this in mind that Hanft Raboy Partners in New York first came to designer and animator Dale Newton in February of this year.