The Foundry has announced that Keylight and Tinder, tools for Shake, have been updated to version 2.0. Both new versions now support floating point images.

Keylight 2.0 contains various improvements to the original algorithm, The Foundry claims, including built in matte tools and separate bias controls for the alpha and for despilling the foreground.

Tinder 2.0 is a set of 9 plug-ins and includes, T_Distorto, T_Fractal, T_LensBlur, T_LensFlare, T_Median, T_Rays, T_MatteTool, T_NightSky and T_Starburst.

Both Tinder and Keylight are available on Shake 3.50 and 3.01 on Irix, Linux and for the first time Mac OS X and Shake 2.51 on NT.

Tinder 2.0 is bundled with Keylight 2.0 and costs £250 plus VAT for a node-locked license or £375 plus VAT for a floating license.