The Foundry ships Nuke 6 and Nuke X visual effects software

Key new capabilities found in NukeX 6.0 only include:

3D Camera Tracker
• Integrates directly into Nuke’s 2D/3D image processing environment providing live and in context access to Nuke’s powerful pre and post processing tools
• Analyze 2D image sequences and automatically solve to re-construct the 3D camera with unknown, approximate or known, constant or varying constraints
• Control automatic track selection and distribution and add user generated track data
• Automatic geometry creation for 3D point cloud and camera scene native to Nuke's 3D and animation system
• Performs simultaneous solves for both eyes for data from stereo-3D capture

Camera Lens Distortion Tools
• Integrates directly into Nuke’s 2D image processing environment
• Un-warp and warp image sequences using a parametric lens model
• Lens modeling through automatic analysis or manual feature identification

FurnaceCore contains the core plug-ins from The Foundry’s Academy Award-Winning Furnace tool set. The set has undergone many enhancements, including improved parameter layouts and documentation.
• Kronos, high quality time warping based on optical flow technologies
• MatchGrade, copy the grade from one sequence to another
• MotionBlur, add realistic blur based on the motion in the scene
• DeNoise, removes or reduces all kinds of noise from your footage
• DeGrain, optimised removal of film grain from a plate
• ReGrain, add grain to your clean plates or graphics from stock or sample your own
• DeFlicker2, removes in-scene flicker from light sources of all kinds
• Steadiness, smooth a shots camera move, or lock off a shot completely
• RigRemoval, remove unwanted foreground objects from a shot
• Align, align similar shots automatically
• WireRemoval, quickly clean up wires
• VectorGenerator, generates motion vectors for use in other nodes

• Takes output from the CameraTracker, together with the tracked image sequence, and uses them to create a more accurate depth maps than previously possible inside Nuke
• Can be used to create a partial 3D model of a static scene, using some of Nuke’s existing 3D tools. This can be used to reproduce slight parallax differences not visible to the original camera, allowing you to stabilise camera wobbles and create stereo views of sets from a single, live action stream

Nuke licenses cost £2,300/$3,500. Render licenses are priced at £165/$250 per license. In addition, a support contract must be purchased for the first year. The yearly cost of support is £650/$1,000 per GUI license and £100/$150 for each render license.

NukeX costs £4,000/$6,000, with render licenses 165/$250 each. Again, a support contract must be purchased for the first year. The yearly cost of support is £800/$1,200 per GUI license and £100/$150 for each render license.

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