The Foundry has released versions of its Furnace 4 and Keylight VFX plug-ins for Final Cut Pro 6. These toolsets are the company’s first product releases for Final Cut Pro.

Keylight is a blue and green screen keyer that's designed to be easy to use, and highly effective at tackling shots in which it is problematic to pull a clean key -- particularly shots featuring hair, reflections and semi-transparent areas. Spill suppression is built-in, meaning that selection of the screen colour is often all that is needed for the user to pull a perfect matte and allow effects elements to be seamlessly seated together and to look genuinely photographed.

Keylight has been used scores of feature films including: Wanted (below), Speed Racer, Sunshine, Sweeney Todd, King Kong, and the Harry Potter series.

Based on Apple’s FxPlug standard, Furnace 4 for Final Cut Pro 6 includes DeFlicker, a fully automated plug-in designed to remove luminance flicker in a sequence. It can remove multiple over-lapping phase different flickers, while adapting to cope with motion in the sequence.

DeNoise is a noise and grain removal plug-in that uses advanced motion estimation technology along the direction of motion, thus reducing the noise without introducing any of the artefacts typically associated with noise reduction.

Kronos also uses The Foundry’s advanced motion estimation technology to build in-between frames in a sequence. Kronos can be used to speed up (with motion blur) or slow down an image sequence. Artists have the option of supplying foreground mattes, to give retimed objects tight crisp edges and the latest version will detect and account for occluded regions of the image.

ReGrain is an advanced grain management tool, which duplicates grain either from a sample image or stock footage and applies it to a new sequence. DirtRemoval automatically detects and cleans dirt, dust and hairs from a film scan.

MatchGrade copies the colour look from a reference sequence and applies this to the source image. This technique involves a non-linear transformation of the colour histogram and is useful for balancing and colour matching plates to the master grade.

MotionBlur utilises advanced image processing to add organic looking motion blur to a sequence. Blur can be added automatically based on the amount of motion in the sequence of the shutter time can e set manually.

Furnace 4 for Final Cut Pro 6 nodelocked licenses are available for £250 plus VAT (or US$500). Keylight nodelocked licenses cost £125 plus VAT (or $250).