Visual effects plug-in developer The Foundry is to release an upgrade to its Adobe After Effects plug-in collection. Tinderbox 3 includes 20 new plug-ins, all different from those in previous versions of the collection. It will be launched at the NAB 2002 show in Las Vegas in April. The plug-ins include Sparks, Silk and Condensation – plus some based on those found in the Tinder 4.1 set for Discreet products, including Lightning, Bad TV and OldFilm. Sparks is a particle generator designed to produce fireworks-like effects and includes controls for glow, colour, initial velocity and lifespan. Silk smoothes out wrinkles by selectively defocusing the image. Condensation renders thousands of water particles that clump together into water. Lightning generates bolts of lightning and electric plasma discharge effects. BadTV makes video look as though it’s on a poorly tuned-in TV. OldFilm makes it look like degraded film. Tinderbox 3 costs £395 plus VAT. It runs under After Effects on Windows and Mac platforms, including on Mac OS X (using After Effects 5.5). The Foundry has also released an update for owners of Tinderbox 1 and 2 that allows them to work with After Effects 5.5 on OS X. It can downloaded from The Foundry’s Web site.