Form creates 3D Flash site for Amy Winehouse songwriter

Graphic design consultancy Form has created a new website for songwriter and music producer Matt Rowe, who has penned tracks for pop acts including Spice Girls, Amy Winehouse and Sophie Ellis Bextor. The site offers an innovative use of 3D Flash technology to allow visitors to 'explore' Rowe's studio.

Form says that Rowe was bored with the way that songwriters promoted themselves online. He wanted a vehicle to generate interest in his world and add some intrigue to the man behind the tracks. After an initial meeting looking at the websites of his contemporaries, and talking to him about his likes and dislikes, the team got excited about his love of the old arcadia video games, and the way they combined a retro simplicity – yet complex vector layering – which has come full circle into feeling very ‘now’.

The studio says that mixed with influences from films like The Matrix and worlds that pioneering bands
such as Kraftwerk occupy, this pointed the way for the style of the site -- to recreate the look and feel of 1980s vector-based graphics, like the original Atari games, but at a much higher resolution than the lo-res TV screens these games were originally played on, and in a real 3D environment.

Much research was done into creating an interactive world, and the team at Form discovered that it was not enough to draw some perspective vectors -- they had to create the feel of a ficticious gadget-filled studio interior and a sense of space -- so Form created a series of 3D models like the one shown below to understand how our technical partners could set up the point of view to allow a pan around the interior.

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