DigiCel has announced the third version of the company’s FlipBook Pro cel animation tool, adding more painting, editing and playback features – plus making it easier to use and faster, according to the company. FlipBook Pro costs $999 and can be ordered from the DigiCel Web site. FlipBook Pro 3 includes colour models that are designed to make choosing colours more accurate. Overlays allow users to bring 32-bit colour images into the foreground, which means hand-painted or 3D tool-constructed objects are not limited to being in the background. External palettes allow users to make global changes to colours throughout entire shows or series. AutoFill allows weighted line tests, while the ability to change the background colour (including to a checkered pattern) makes painting white on character easier to see. Editing features include copy and pasting between scenes, allowing clips such as walk cycles to be used again and again, and the ability to flip any layer (or collection of layers). Playback features include a scrub bar for instant previewing backwards and forwards and a GoTo button for instant movement to a particular frame. The upgrade includes the ability to export composited frames, and independent and composited 32-bit image. FlipBook Pro 3 also supports Targa (TGA) files for easier output to editing packages and file compression, and can repair corrupted scenes. DigiCel claims to have boosted FlipBook Pro’s usability by allowing the saving of scanner rotation settings and scene locations for new scans.