Macromedia has announced Pocket PC, Linux and Solaris versions of its Flash player at the flashforward conference in San Francisco. Electric Rainhas also announced a Flash-generating plug-in for 3D Studio Max based upon its Swift3D tool. The Linux and Solaris versions of the Flash Player replicate the full functions of the current Windows and Mac versions – but the version for Windows-driven Pocket PCs such as Compaq’s iPaq, Casio’s Cassiopeia and HP’s Jornada is purely a developer edition. It’s aimed at designers looking to create content for the mobile devices when the full version of the player ships later this year. The Swift 3D Max plug-in uses the same RAViX rendering technology as the full version of Swift 3D to turn views of 3D models into 2D vector animations. This allows animations to look 3D while incorporating all of the bandwidth benefits of 2D Flash animations. The plug-in will ship in late spring for an as-yet undisclosed price.