Electric Rain has announced Swift 3D, which allows 3D vector images to be used within Flash animations. The application works on two levels. At its most basic, it can convert 3D files from tools such as 3D Studio MAX into a form usable by Flash. However, Swift 3D is also a full-spec modelling, editing and animation tool. Objects are created from a wide range of primitives (including fonts), or can be built from vector images in EPS format (such as from Illustrator or Freehand). Animation is designed to be as intuitive as possible, Electric Rain claims, through the use of drag-and-drop motion and keyframe-based animation. Finished animations are converted into vector-based movies and exported to Flash in one of four modes – outlines, meshes, flat shading and gradient shading. Swift 3D will be launched at the Flashforward2000 event in San Francisco on March 27.