Macromedia has announced Flash 5 Generator Studio, which brings the app for creating Flash animations based upon dynamic information up-to-date with the new features added in Flash 5. The company has also announced additions to its product line for creating disability-aware content and extensions to ease integration between its Web-specific products. Flash 5 Generator Studio allows non-static information to appear and be manipulated in Flash animations. This can take the form of anything from adding the visitor’s name to an animation constantly updated weather graphics. The studio allows dynamic animations to be created using version 5 features such as closer integration with Freehand, new bezier tools, and groupwork features. The studio costs £849 plus VAT and runs on Windows and Mac. A number of extensions for Dreamweaver have also been released from the Macromedia Exchange Web site. As well as tools to improve integration between the app and Flash and Fireworks, Dreamweaver users can now download a tool for checking a site’s accessibility. It works in a similar fashion to the standard online accessibility tool, Bobby, but within the Dreamweaver app. A similar tool for Flash is currently in the works.