3DPower has announced the first graphics card based around NVidia’s new GeForce3 Titanium 500 chip. The Morpheus Titanium will ship at the end of October for around £349 including VAT. The Titanium 500 offers a 30 per cent boost in raw performance over the standard GeForce3, according to 3DPower. The company claims an effective memory clock speed of 500MHz by using 64MB of DDR SDRAM, which offers 8GB of memory bandwidth. The card also includes built-in anti-aliasing functionality (HRAA), as well as S-Video and composite output. 3DPower is also offering a Hardcore version of the card, which includes the company’s Poseidon water-cooling system. This includes both the ICE Box Cooler fan and RAM heatsinks. The Poseidon is also available for the company’s entire range of GeForce products. The Morpheus Titanium runs under most Windows operating systems, including Windows XP. More details are expected nearer to the launch.