Firewire CD-RW offers 12x writing; 8x rewriting

Sony has launched the CRX1600L-RP, an external CD-ReWritable drive that connects to Windows PCs and Macs using a IEEE 1394 (FireWire, or called i.Link by Sony) port. The IEEE 1394 port gives a burst transfer rate of 400Mbps. This allows the drive to record CDs at 12x speed and rewrite at 8x, breaking the realistic limit of USB drives at 6x. The drive also reads CDs at 32x speed. The drive includes the usual silver Sony stylish casing and suites of software for both Windows and the MacOS. Windows users get WinOnCD 3.7, Adaptec DirectCD, Steinberg Wavelab, PowerQuest Datakeeper, ArcSoft VideoImpression and Photobase and Liquid Audio Player. Mac users get Adaptex Toast, Retrospect Express, SonicWorx, Arcsoft VideoImpression and Photobase and Liquid Audio Player. The CRX1600L-RP costs £254 plus VAT.

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