Finish has completed VFX work on a series of humorous and quirky idents for the British beer Old Speckled Hen to be used on the Dave channel. They were directed by Mark Nunneley through RSA.

Watch the Old Speckled Hen idents here.

Created by Nick Bird and Lee Smith at MCBD, the idents feature an inquisitive fox searching for the elusive 'Hen'. On his journey he encounters a series of peculiar and unusual British acts, such as a man at the breakfast table who pops boiled eggs into his mouth and begins to juggle them and a cleaner who manages to dust a grand staircase by standing on another’s shoulders, before performing a somersault dismount.

However, different as they are, only a pint of Old Speckled Hen can quench the fox’s thirst for something out of the ordinary and truly rewarding. He eventually finds the Hen in a pub and in a living room.

The fox was shot on location but as a plate so that the trainers could encourage his movement and ensure that the fox appeared to be looking at either the acts or the Speckled Hen. In Flame his lead and collar were painted out and the handlers’ shadows removed where necessary.

Finish Flame artist Steve Murgatroyd added, "The MCBD Speckled Hen spots for Dave were a real pleasure to work on. They are nicely written, uncomplicated and well shot; which is essential when you have so many of them to do in such a short space of time. The post work was mostly 'old school' split and green-screen shots with a bit of clean-up. Making it a simple but very satisfying job."

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