Fujifilm has debuted the FinePix F70EXR, the company's first 'travel zoom' or 'long-zoom compact' model. These models -- which include Canon's PowerShot SX200 IS and Panasonic's Lumix TZ7 -- combine 10-12x zoom lenses with compact bodies that fit in your pocket when turned off.

Fujifilm has introduced its award-winning EXR technology into the FinePix F70EXR, which it says gives a significant improvement in image quality against other models. Introduced earlier this year with the FinePix F200EXR and also seen the new FinePix S200EXR, the EXR sensor can be switched between three modes.

When the light is strong and even, the camera can be switched to HR (High Resolution) mode to ensure every small detail is recorded. When light is strong but contrasty, the sensor can switch to DR (Wide Dynamic Range) mode to get the optimal balance between highlight and shadows. Lastly, in low light the sensor will switch to SN (High Sensitivity and Low Noise) mode, to ensure clean noise-free pictures even in the darkest conditions.

The FinePix F70EXR is fitted with the same EXR Priority modes as the F200EXR and S200EXR models. Users can choose to default to HR 'Resolution Priority', SN 'High ISO & Low Noise Priority' or DR 'D-Range Priority' for consistent shooting using one sensor setting.