finalToon rendering for 3DS Max debuts

Cebas Computer has announced finalToon – a cel and illustration rendering engine for 3DS Max. finalToon is a 2D/3D tracing and rendering engine that allows users to create artist effects such as woodcut-style cross-hatching. In addition, all types of technical illustration and cel shading are supported as is Flash export, says the company. According to Cebas, finalToon works by tracing features and perimeters of objects analytically, yielding accurate brush strokes and avoiding the segmented, disconnected effect created when tracing face by face. Outline strokes can be controlled by distance or light, so for example a tracing stroke becomes thinner and more transparent at greater distances from the camera. Strokes can also be thicker around shadowed areas than in lit areas, or even a different colour in shadow areas, says the company. As each stroke can take its colour from a variety of sources – the highlight, body or shadow colour of the object, or even a brightness adjustment from one of these – users can create the tinted outline look of classic cartoon cels where each traced element had a similarly coloured, darker trace, says Cebas. finalToon’s hidden line renderer allows full control of all line styles in an illustration, whether hidden or visible, intersection or even material ID based and strokes can have any intensity of hand-drawn effects says the company. finalToon's procedural image-based hatching allows for pen-and-ink, woodcut and scratchboard style art effects, says the company. finalToon is included with finalRender Stage 1, and will also be sold separately for $295 (£196). It will ship later this year.


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