Director Corin Hardy’s dark vision for emo band The Horrors’ new single She’s the New Thing is a gory affair that sees the band come under attack from nightmarish animated creatures.

The animation dominates so the live action performance had to cut around the illustrations, despite the fact that, at the offline stage, the animation didn’t yet exist. So the project required a unique way of editing, but editor Nikki Porter at Final Cut managed to rise to the challenge.

In the video, viewers turn into witnesses to all manner of horrors: the lead singer becomes possessed by the ink, the drummer gets his eyes plucked out by crows, the guitarist gets his head bitten-off by a wolf and the bassist is decapitated by the animator who’s controlling the whole debacle from his desk.

The band’s performance was shot before the animation was created. Nikki’s task was to cut an edit of the performance but without any animation elements to refer to, Nikki resorted to finding monsters from other sources and cutting them in as a temporary measure.

Snippets from films like The Evil Dead, The Crow and The Ring provided some provisional horror images and gave her something for the band members to react against. This process was invaluable to the directors who then used Nikki’s temporary measures as starting point references for timing and positioning.

Nikki ended-up exporting every third frame as a Tiff file so that it could provide the basis for the director’s illustrations.

Final Cut London editor, Nikki Porter, said: "This was a challenge and a half! The edit took seven days whereas most promo edits take between two and four days. It was so involved because I had to visualise animation that I hadn’t yet seen.

"Plus, I had to source loads of different ghouls. By the end I was so overloaded with it that I had to step back to regain my creative thought. The end result is truly gripping and original though – definitely worth all the hard work."

The video can be seen here.