Kaydara FiLMBOX 3.0 - the industry-leading tool for 3D motion capture and delivery - is to ship on Mac OS X. The move signals a further acceptance of Apple's new operating system in the realm of professional, high-end 3D content creation. FiLMBOX 3.0 also supports Windows 2000, Linux, and Irix. The package works with popular 3D applications to provide 3D data from motion capture sessions. Supported packages include NewTek LightWave, Zygote, and streaming 3D content from QEDSoft. It costs from around £2,000. New to version 3.0 are both inverse and forward kinematics that can be used to create keyframe animation and adjust captured motion data. Also new are changes to its Control Sets feature - which lets users create CG characters without needing to unscramble complex IK rigs and constraints.