LaCie has launched the 75GB FireWire hard drive, the largest IEEE 1394 (FireWire) drive available, according to the company. The 75GB capacity provides enough space to store over five hours of DV video. The 14MB per second throughput speed of the FireWire connection is acclaimed by LaCie for offering fast enough access to the sort of large files that creatives regularly deal with. Its speed also makes it ideal for video capture from DV cameras and decks, according to LaCie, although some computers have a problem with capturing and writing over IEEE 1394 ports concurrently on the same cards. The drive is hot-pluggable and mounts automatically when connected. It can be connected to any IEEE 1394-capable Windows or Mac PC. It costs £599 plus VAT and ships with Silverlining Pro for the Mac OS and Silverlining 98 for Windows 98 systems.