A blog entry in on the Facebook Developers blog has let on that the social networking site will start rolling out the redesign of user's profile pages at some point next week.

The entry reads: "Users can start exploring the new profile during the week of July 14. They can begin to opt in and view the entire new site as a beta, similar to today's sandbox, only with all pages available, including the home page, and all the features you'd expect to see, such as News Feed, application invites, and notifications."

It encourages third-party application designers and developers to update their code and have it full tested by July 14.

The planned redesign of Facebook's core member profile pages is an attempt to regain the layout's orderly, streamlined look that had been one of its trademarks and a differentiator from competitors like MySpace. The latest plans in Facebook's ongoing redesign efforts call for profile pages to evolve from a single repository of content and applications into a tabbed interface.

The goal is to let users organize in these tabbed sub-pages the various components of their profiles, such as the activity feed, photos, personal information and applications.

Facebook members can see the latest screenshots in this album and view this video of a presentation held Wednesday by company officials about the redesign plans.