Facebook mixed into advergames for Doritos 'mystery flavour' launch

Doritos is to kick off a potentially groundbreaking digital-heavy campaign on July 21 for the launch of its new corn snack: a limited edition 'mystery' flavour called iD3. The alphanumeric name and black packaging invites buyers to guess the mystery flavour at the iD3 microsite for the chance to win a £20,000 reward.

For the launch, interactive agency rehabstudios has created a three-part episodic online adventure, with prizes to be won along the way courtesy of. Each special iD3 pack gives players six lives.

The iD3 adventure expands upon the mystery flavour concept, allowing fans to become the hero in their own ‘choose your own adventure’. Set in London’s underworld, the player goes undercover to unlock the truth behind a case of mistaken identity.

The site contains a mixture of fully interactive 3D levels, sound recognition, interactive scenes and film content where the user makes choices throughout the game which affect their performance and the plot. Those who marry together the correct decisions from all three episodes and crack some fiendish puzzles have the chance to win a cash prize of up to £50,000.

Each adrenalin-filled episode blends slick live action footage with 3D interaction, giving the whole experience a distinct high-production cinematic feel. Uniquely integrated with Facebook Connect, the advergame pulls content from the player’s Facebook profile and then dynamically inserts it into the film footage. Where most applications of the Facebook Connect technology use it simply to populate a profile, iD3 uses it to personalise the narrative and extend the game from the website into Facebook.

To cement the feeling of a mystery, the campaign will be feature grassroots seeding and an exclusive blogger outreach programme. A live Twitter feed and Facebook fan page will keep Doritos fans up-to-date with the adventure.

"We had a challenging brief to extend the plot and interactivity beyond the video," says Tim Rodgers, rehabstudio’s creative director. "The 3D scenes we’re creating for the game give the user full control to explore and move the story on. Plus we’ve created a number of secret levels and experiences for hardcore gamers. iD3 is the perfect showcase for our creative and technology skills."

The integrated campaign created and led by communication agency Initials. Upset TV wrote, directed and created the adventure, with rehabstudio designing and building the online experience. AMV BBDO provided digital planning.

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