Eyeon debuts Fusion 5.2 VFX software

eyeon has announced an update to its compositing application, Fusion. Support for the OFX plug-in format was announced at NAB in April and, now with Fusion 5.2’s plug-in capabilities that support the native Fusion API, the After Effects API and the OFX API, Fusion hosts the broadest selection of third party plug-in functionality, according to Eyeon.

The release of Fusion 5.2 includes over one hundred updates and modifications, such as interface performance improvements in various areas that make the artist’s workflow more efficient. A new Vector Motion Blur tool calculates motion blur from vector data through motion stored in the image’s vector/velocity channels. This will save on the rendering time to calculate motion blur. 3D scene importing allows artists to import more 3D data and animation in FBX, 3DS, OBJ and COLLADA.dae formats. 3D LUTs are now supported in real time, accelerated via GPUs.

Other new features include expanded metadata handling for DPX, Cineon and OpenEXR formats; Fusion’s scriptable plug-ins allow for the design and running of image processing tools created in the Fusion Lua scripting engine; Python scripting has been added to control Fusion from Web hosts and interfaces to Python-based film pipeline management systems; and the Tracker’s new infinite sub-pixel precision method is faster and more accurate over changing footage.

Pricing and availability for this upgrade will be announced at the Siggraph trade show in San Diego, from August 5.

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