Eyeon has released Fusion 5.1 Learning Edition, which adds over 25 new features to the compositing software

The learning edition was created to give everyone the chance to experiment, test and grow his or her compositing skills on Eyeon’s award-winning desktop visual effects software, says the company.

"We are always current in offering point release learning editions, and our clients wouldn’t have it any other way. This allows them to keep their new artists up to date without having to invest in multiple licenses for training,” explains Michael Bailey, Director of Sales at eyeon.

With over 25 new features, some of the new functionality in 5.1 includes 3DS, OBJ and FBX support, projector in 3D, Bender 3D, additional tools, Paint enhancements, mask improvements, multi-path maps, universal plug-ins, and UI improvements and functionality.

The Fusion 5.1 Learning Edition is available from the Eyeon Web site.