Danish developer Cacidi Systems has announced Extreme Basic 5.0 CS, an upgrade to the company's Adobe InDesign plug-in that helps automate the production of brochures, catalogs, advertisements and similar materials.

The latest version adds compatibility with Adobe InDesign CS (Windows and Mac) as well as support for master pages, Unicode-16 (OpenType) and import of files in comma-delineated, tab-delineated and CSV formats. Users of Extreme Basic 4.0 can download the Extreme Update 5.0 CS file from the Cacidi Web site and upgrade the plug-in.

Cacidi has also updated its other plug-ins for compatibility with InDesign CS and other improvements. All of them are designed to work with Extreme Basic 5.0 CS and require its presence before you can use them. The catalogue page layout assistant Extreme PageQue 5.0 CS adds access to page number and better support of headers and footers. The catalogue size calculation tool Extreme AutoCalc 5.0 CS offers a more user-friendly interface, and the barcode creator Extreme BarCodes 1.5 CS includes speed optimizations.

Extreme Basic 5.0 CS and its complementary add-ons are available in a single suite that includes the Cacidi SuperInstaller, which makes sure that all the plug-ins are properly installed and that all file paths conform to user-specified requirements. The Cacidi Extreme Suite CS also features supplementary materials, such as video tutorial and demo scripts, and retails for 17,995 Danish Krona (around £1,615). Upgrades from previous versions of the suite are 8,500 Danish Krona (£765). The plug-ins are available individually but prices were not available on the Cacidi Web site.