Extensis has released Suitcase Server X1, an application for centralised management of font libraries and licenses across organisations.

According to Extensis, Suitcase Server X1 provides additional features for greater control over the usage of fonts on client desktops, helping to ensure the integrity of the font libraries across organisations.

New features include user-level permissions over client features, including the ability to automatically remove all non-approved fonts, the power to save finds and the authority to over-ride system fonts on local machines.

Using Suitcase Server X1, administrators can remove any unapproved fonts within users’ System Font folders. Administrators can decide on a user-by-user basis, which individuals have permission to temporarily add fonts to their local Suitcase Client.

Suitcase Server X1 is available for Mac OS X and Windows, as is the Suitcase Client application. Available immediately, Suitcase Server X1 costs $1,195.95 (around £640) and comes with one Suitcase X1 Client. Additional Client seats cost $129.95 (£72). Upgrade prices from previous versions of Suitcase Server and standalone versions are available.

According to Extensis, French and German versions of Suitcase Server X1 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2004.