Extensis has announced Universal Type Server 2.0 Professional and Lite.

Universal Type Server 2.0 has new font license compliance capabilities: using a simple web interface, administrators can tell if their fonts are compliant with their licenses.

With this release, Extensis says that it builds on its commitment to industry standards and proven open source technologies to deliver the best flexibility and performance. A new optional External Database Module, supporting Microsoft SQL Server, will offer increased scalability for demanding environments.

The new version of the Type Client provides Mac and Windows users with an improved experience, including the ability to view all glyphs of a font and print font previews. Users can also “tear-off” a font preview and float it on top of any document to easily compare fonts in any application. With this release, Extensis also provides faster font auto-activation for more applications, with Mac and Windows plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign CS2, CS3 and CS4, as well as QuarkXPress 7 and 8.

Universal Type Server 2.0 Professional gains secure and dynamic integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory and Apple’s Open Directory systems, which Extensis says will be included for free with the upgraded version at least until the end of 2009. It's expected that the company will charge extra for this from 2010.