As part of the Sony Alpha Unseen Britain campaign, renowned climber and photographer Mike Robertson has toured the country scaling new heights and legendary landmarks to create unique images.

In conjunction with Enjoy England, Visit Scotland and Visit Wales, six structures across Britain were selected by Mike, based on the challenge of the climb, the geographical location, the visual impact of their surroundings and the opportunity to capture a never seen before image. These were Spinnaker Tower (Portsmouth), Blackpool Tower, Newport Transporter Bridge, Snowhill Plaza (Birmingham), Glasgow Tower (Glasgow) and the Park Plaza (Leeds).

"Whilst I am used to embarking on difficult climbs, the unusual building structures and the unpredictable weather conditions made the Sony Alpha Unseen Britain an amazing challenge," said Robertson.

The images can be seen this week at Galleria, Royal Opera House Arcade, off Pall Mall in London. They can also be seen online at the Sony Alpha Unseen Britain Web site.