EULDA, the European Logo Design Annual, is a new awards scheme aimed at graphic designers across Europe. The awards are decided by an innovative three-tiered structure that lets members of the general public decide on the overall winner.

The jury is comprised of ten top design professional, ten marketing managers from major international clients, and ten 'ordinary people' representing the target market of consumers. This set-up is designed to represent the real-world process of decision-making about logos, from designers to clients to the general public. The designer tier will be provided by the Pan-European Brand Design Association (PDA), with the marketing tier provided by Richmond Events and the consumer tier selected by Consumers International.

Winners will be featured in the 2006 Annual, a hard-bound volume that will be printed by Fontegraphica on Arjo Wiggins paper.

Submitted logos must be have been printed, published, broadcast or live online before December 31 2005. The deadline for submissions is May 31 2006.