Epson has expanded its range of Photoviewers – hand-held gadgets that include high capacity hard-drives and high-quality screens, allowing professional photographers to store and view images on the move.

The P-7000 and P-6000 Photoviewers have 160GB and 80GB hard drives respectively; each incorporates a large four-inch 640x480 Epson Photo Fine Premia LCD screen.

Epson claims that the new models benefit from a wider viewing angle and wide colour gamut covering 94 percent of the Adobe® RGB colour space, meaning photographers benefit from enhanced viewing clarity and the ability to examine their images in fine detail.

The manufacturer says that the Epson Photoviewers can even be used in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop as a USB wide-gamut display, while photo editing or performing post-production work, giving the same level of colour accuracy as a professional monitor costing three times as much.

Mark Robinson, Business Manager at Epson UK, commented “Despite the fact that most cameras have viewing screens, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish areas of sharp focus, graininess and lighting quality until the images are uploaded onto a computer. These new products tackle this problem by enabling photographers to view their images in fine detail regardless of where they are – whether back-packing across a desert or on a ski piste halfway up a mountain.”

Epson says that the new models feature improved ergonomics, including a new scroll-wheel, makes ease-of-use one of the resounding qualities of the device. These improvements are complemented by features that enhance versatility, including the ability to carry out ad-hoc raw development on the viewer and print out the final image via PictBridge. Usability is further improved through advanced software features which allow users to edit and trim images and apply watermarking to photographs for print copywriting.

Both models have improved battery life; the P-7000 also includes a set of accessories including a battery charger enabling two batteries to be charged simultaneously, a convenient in-car charger and a sturdy carrying case with strap.

Both the P-6000 and P-7000 are compatible with a broad range of memory cards including CF and SD-HC as standard. It also has a USB Host port so that cameras and card readers can be connected directly, providing support for any digital camera. JPEG and RAW images from all major camera manufacturers are supported as standard and future models can be supported by software updates.