Epson today announces the launch of its high specification professional A3+ photo printer -- the Stylus Photo R2880. Aimed at professional photographers and designers, the printer utilises Epson’s advanced UltraChrome K3 with Vivid Magenta pigment inks to deliver what the company claim is the highest quality available in professional inkjet printing.

The refined look-up table (LUT[1]) algorithms included with the R2880 enable the printer to more accurately match colours and ensure that every image is printed to exhibition display standards.

A unique mode within the print driver enables users to have creative control over black and white tones as well as gradation in much the same way as users can do in their darkrooms by selecting specific papers and chemicals. The improved, customisable user interface (UI) enables users to find, change, save and share print settings. This helps ensure photographers get the desired print first time; making the printer more efficient in terms of inks and media, according to Epson.

Additional features Epson include front facing USB PictBridge connectivity and dual USB2 ports on the rear of the printer. The Stylus Photo R2880 provides additional media support for CD and DVD printing, fine art paper, roll paper and thick rigid media such as board and poly-board. The printer also offers border free printing up to A3+, often used by photographers when printing images for display purposes.

Epson says that the quality of the Stylus Photo R2880 makes it ideal for photographers wanting to create long-lasting prints to sell, exhibit or incorporate within professional portfolios. The Stylus Photo R2880 is able to deliver quality at high speed thanks to its Epson Micro Piezo print head, which is coated with ink-repelling Teflon to ensure accuracy in dot placement.

The UltraChrome K3 ink with Vivid Magenta is designed to offer superb grey balance and precise colour without any colour cast. It also maintains the superior features of the UltraChrome K3 ink such as great colour accuracy of neutral and dark colours, excellent short-term colour stability and smooth tonal gradation from shadow to light. Epson claims that the issue of metamerism is virtually eliminated with this inkset.

The Stylus Photo R2800 will ship in June for £485 plus VAT.

Epson has also announced a Photoshop plug-in to improve printing to its range of A3+ and A2 printers.