Epson has announced a new A3+ graphic arts scanner, the Expression 10000XL, featuring 2,400dpi resolution and high optical density of 3.8DMax. Epson claims that it offers higher resolution, faster speed, and improved technology and image quality compared to the 1640XL which it is designed to replace.

The Expression 10000XL will be available in July for around £1,999 plus VAT, according to the company. A newly designed MatrixCCD, optimized for A3 scanning, gives faster scanning speeds for both reflective and film scanning. The transparency unit also features a new dual-lamp system, boosting speeds by 50% over the 1640XL.

The scanner also includes an auto-focus system with manual over-ride, dedicated ASIC for hardware image processing and a scan driver with colour restoration, dust removal and grain reduction. The 10000XL is USB 2.0 compliant and has an optional 10BaseT/100BaseTX network interface. A copy of SilverFast Ai 6 comes included, complete with IT8 calibration targets.