The Stylus Pro 10000 is the latest addition to Epson’s range of large format printers. Available in two configurations, the printer is a B0+ with facilities for six-colour printing at up to 1,440-x-720dpi or at speeds of up to 20 square metres per hour. The standard 10000 uses QuickDry Dye-based ink, while the 10000CF option uses ColorFast pigment-based ink. New technologies in the printer include a Micro Piezo Print Head that features 180 nozzles for each colour and, according to Epson, major improvements in print speed and precision control over dot-size, shape and placement – as well as a Photo Accelerator module that speeds up data transmission speeds by up to 2.5 times according to the company. The 10000 also includes the auto print head optimization system, which automatically detects blocked nozzles and initiates a cleaning cycle. Other significant features found in the 10000 include large 500ml individual colour ink cartridges, USB and parallel interfaces, and support for HP-GL and HP-GL/2 files formats. A RIP solution will be available soon including RIP Designer XL software, an IEEE 1394 (interface card) and a RIP accelerator card. The Stylus Pro 10000 costs £7495 plus VAT, while the Stylus Pro 10000CF costs £7995 plus VAT.