Eovia ships Carrara Studio

Eovia has begun worldwide shipping of Carrara Studio, a new 3D modelling and animation package for Mac OS and Windows. According to the company, the release of Carrara Studio renews its promise of “3D for All” and, as the successor to Ray Dream Studio and Infini-D, says it represents the culmination of ten years of software research and development. At the heart of the Studio package is Carrara 1.1. Eovia is offering upgrade discounts to owners of both legacy programs, as well as an upgrade path from Carrara 1 to Carrara Studio. For current registered Carrara 1 users, the 1.1 updater alone is available as a free download. Eovia acquired Carrara when the previous owner, MetaCreations, divested all its graphic design applications. Eovia subsequently merged with TGS and took over distribution of the TGS 3D NURBS modelling application, Amapi 3D. As a limited-time offer, a free, fully working Amapi 3D version 5 is included on the Carrara Studio CD. Carrara Studio includes five modellers – spline, vertex, metaball, text and terrain – enabling users to fit the tool to the job. The spline modeller defines shapes with bézier-controlled projection curves, the vertex modeller builds polygon meshes with precise vertex positioning providing control over both the general shape and fine details of a mesh, and the metaball modeller creates meshes for organic shapes by merging amorphous, adjustable blobs. The text modeller applies extrusion and bevelling controls to all available Truetype fonts, and the terrain modeller makes high resolution height field meshes constructed using either imported greyscale maps or built-in tools. For a limited time, Carrara Studio package also offers NURBS modelling thanks to the inclusion of Amapi 3D version 5. Other key features include comprehensive animation tools and fast rendering. Also included is Smart Pack, a bundled collection of 25 third-party plug-ins, developed exclusively for Carrara Studio, which allow users to render in cartoon styles, apply advanced procedural shaders like Slope, Brick, Lumber Yard and Noise Factory, or apply Global Environment Lighting to illuminate a scene. Eovia also plans to release the Viewpoint Experience Technology (VET) extension for Carrara Studio which allows users to convert 3D models to a Web-enabled format. Lars Olson, product panager of VET at Viewpoint, put it this way: ‘When Metacreations became Viewpoint and moved to Web 3D, we wanted to be sure Carrara was in good hands. Now that Carrara Studio is shipping, Eovia obviously was the right choice. The upcoming VET extension will level the playing field, because VET models made with Carrara Studio are every bit as good as VET models made with high-end programs.” "Carrara Studio is designed to be equally accessible and professional for all potential users of 3D regardless of their 3D experience, including digital artists, web designers, multimedia producers, advertising illustrators, game makers, product designers, and anyone else who needs 3D imagery," said Antoine Clappier, CEO of Eovia. UK pricing for Carrara Studio has yet to be set but the expected US retail price will be $399, with an upgrade from Carrara to Carrara Studio $99.00, and upgrade from from Infini-D or Ray Dream (any version) to Carrara Studio $149.00

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