Enfocus has announced that PDF Workflow Suite and Instant PDF 3.0 are to begin shipping in mid-October, and has improved the CertifiedPDF.net resource for PDF quality specifications.

Instant PDF 3.0

Instant PDF 3.0 is an update to Enfocus’ tool for producing press-ready PDF files. As a stand-alone application it costs $199 or 199 Euros (around £130), and is also available in volume licenses and discounted packs.

Enfocus claims that, using Instant PDF 3.0, it’s possible to create Certified PDFs from within layout applications. Enfocus Certified PDF technology guarantees that files comply with vendors’ specifications and eliminates the need to re-preflight PDFs at every step of the workflow.

Using Instant PDF 3.0 designers can download printers’ PDF specifications from CertifiedPDF.net to guide the entire PDF creation and preflight process, according to Enfocus. Instant PDF 3.0 also includes an in-application help system for diagnosing preflighting errors.

PDF Workflow Suite

The new PDF Workflow Suite comprises the latest versions of Instant PDF, PitStop Professional and PitStop Server and a CertifiedPDF.net license (see below) offering, according to Enfocus, a complete inter-company PDF quality management solution.

Licenses for the PDF Workflow Suite start at $3,499 or 2,999 Euro (around £2,000). The suite removes ambiguity from PDF workflows by offering all the tools needed to setup, communicate and implement PDF quality specifications, Enfocus claims.

In addition to the functions offered to printers or publishers by Instant PDF 3.0 and a license for CertifiedPDF.net as outlined below, PitStop Server automates checking and correction of incoming PDFs. Non-Certified PDFs are preflighted, automatically corrected if needed, then move through production with little or no direct interaction.

PitStop Professional brings interactive editing and correction abilities to the PDF Workflow Suite, according to Enfocus, and enables creation of PDF Profiles and Action Lists for preflight and auto-correction in Enfocus PDF Queues.


CertifiedPDF.net is an online resource for PDF quality specifications which creators, printers and publishers can use to get reliable, inter-company PDF file exchange data for error-free print production.

Contributor licenses to CertifiedPDF.net are now available at an annual subscription price of $499 or 499 Euro (around £330), which includes up to 1000 subscribers.