Enfocus's PitStop Extreme 08 is the latest addition to the PitStop product family. Whereas PitStop Professional 08 enables PDF editing inside the familiar environment of Adobe Acrobat, PitStop Extreme 08 is a standalone, high-efficiency alternative. It was conceived from the ground up to quickly check and correct even the most complex PDF files. Anyone familiar with applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign will feel instantly familiar with the editing environment offered by PitStop Extreme 08.

Compliance with standards such as PDF/X or the Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications was a major design goal for PitStop Extreme 08. The Enfocus preflight engine is built-in to check and correct PDF files at any stage during the editing process. Certified PDF technology at the core of PitStop Extreme 08 safeguards PDF file quality as users make changes.

PitStop Extreme 08 has substantial advantages over Adobe Acrobat for editing PDF files, according to Enfocus, but if users are already viewing a particular file in Adobe Acrobat, PitStop Extreme 08 offers users the option to work in that environment as well with a complimentary license for PitStop Professional 08 that can be used on the same system, giving users complete flexibility.

Enfocus says that there are many reasons PitStop Extreme 08 is different from other PDF editing and quality control applications. PitStop Extreme 08 has a user interface that's designed for high-speed editing of PDF files that makes it easy and quick to edit even complex files. PitStop Extreme 08 is built on top of the Enfocus Certified PDF technology
which tracks edits and constantly guards the quality of the file.

PitStop Extreme 08 provides true and uncompromising previews of any PDF file, exactly as it will be printed, says Enfocus. To inspect the file in detail, PitStop Extreme 08 provides unlimited zoom, fast switching to outline preview, viewing of separations, transparencies, overprints, and total area coverage. Accurate measuring tools as well as an on-screen densitometer are available to quickly establish the dot percentages that will appear on plate.

In PitStop Extreme 08, any object is accessible and editable. Users can quickly change colours, add strokes, modify clip paths and fix page boxes. PitStop Extreme 08 is fully PDF 1.7 compliant, so users can work with layers or even modify shadows and transparencies. When document-wide changes need to happen, users can easily build and execute standard Enfocus PitStop Action Lists to query and change the objects in the PDF file in any conceivable way.

PitStop Extreme 08 has a full-fledged text editor on board for use when operators are working on a native PDF file. It not only gives access to characters, words or text lines, but even paragraphs are recognised on the fly. It is possible to link different text blocks on the page together and have text reflow correctly while editing.

Any object can be moved, scaled or rotated interactively or by number through the transformation palette. By using the align tools, multiple objects can be aligned or distributed. PitStop Extreme 08 also offers the capability of using an image editing application to edit image content.

PitStop Extreme 08 also features tools to deal with transparency, focument resources, preflighting and saving as Certified PDF.

PitStop Extreme 08 is available on Mac OS X 10.4/5 Windows XP/Vista for £1,859 plus VAT from XChange International.