In a move seen as one of the final steps in 'wiring up the world', the Chinese government has embraced the Internet and set up its first official news Web site, 21 Dragon News Network, according to official media. The Chinese-language site brings together nine major Beijing-based news organizations and will update news 24 hours a day, according to a report last week in the official China Daily. Although news from official publications is provided on other sites, including those of the national China Daily and People's Daily, 21 Dragon News Network is the first company authorized to release official news online, according to the report. 21 Dragon News will establish bureaus around the world, it said. The Chinese government has taken a cautious stance toward online news sources and reportedly has issued regulations against companies maintaining Web editorial staffs. News organizations participating in the site include Beijing Daily, Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Economic Daily, and Beijing Morning Post, as well as Beijing TV Station Group, Beijing People's Broadcasting Station, Beijing Cable Broadcasting Station, and Beijing Broadcasting and TV Weekly, according to China Daily.