Graphics board vendor Elsa has launched the Elsa Gloria DCC – a high-end, professional graphics board that it says has been optimized for digital content creation applications such as Discreet’s 3DS Max. Targeted at professionals working in character animation, visual effects and games development, the Elsa Gloria DCC also features Elsa MAXtreme – an optimized application driver for Discreet’s 3DS Max with the new vertex and pixel shader technology from graphics chip maker NVidia. The nFinite engine of the NVidia Quadro DCC GPU enables the integration of 3DS Max's new features as well as offering a significant performance boost says the company. Elsa's product manager for graphics Adam Foat commented, "This is a specialist tool for people at the cutting edge of digital animation. Designers can now program an almost limitless number of effects and review the results straight away." The Elsa GLoria DCC retails for £799.99 including VAT and is covered by a six-year warranty.