Electric Rain has released Swift 3D 2.0 - an application that creates and renders 3D scenes to Macromedia Flash (SWF) format. The company also says it can render to Adobe Illustrator, EPS, and SVG formats. The new release includes additional modelling tools, including an extrusion and lathe editor. Other features include PostScript font support, targeted cameras and lights, extended primitive selections, automated timeline scaling, non-uniform scaling of objects, numerical positioning of objects, and the ability to animate materials. The company says Swift 3D 2.0 is powered by the RAViX II rendering engine – which Electric Rain claim is the fastest and most versatile 3D-to-vector conversion available. Ne rendering features include two, four, and full-colour cartoon fills, and specular highlights for added realism to cartoon fills and gradients. Shadow rendering now allows for self, pane, and object shadow casting, while there is now more detail settings for wireframe output. The company says that it offers up to 50 times faster rendering, and is able to handle 250,000+ polygon models. A previewing system also debuts, letting users view and edit rendered scenes before writing the file. Swift 3D 2.0 is shipping for both Mac OS and Windows, and costs $159 (around £100).