Rendering technology maker Electric Rain is to license its proprietary RAViX II vector-rendering technology to Strata, the company has revealed. The move means a future release of Strata3Dpro will be able to export to Macromedia Flash (SWF), Adobe Illustator, EPS, and the XML-based format SVG. The company says it is the first time the rendering technology has been integrated into a third-party application. Electric Rain says the technology will be available as a Strata3Dpro Power Module, and will render scenes with complete accuracy, including colours, lighting, camera views, and animations. RAViX II will let users render work using a range of options, including three levels of outlines, five levels of cartoon shading, two levels of gradient shading, shadows, and specular highlights. The company says RAViX II is able to handle models containing over 200,000 polygons, and the results are fully optimized.