The EI Technology Group has released version 6.0 of its Electric Image Animation System, and already announced the upcoming release of version 6.5 in September. EIAS 6.0 is a suite of 3D applications include the Animator, the Camera rendering system, Renderama and Radiosity.

The Animator boasts much improved OpenGL drawing through a rewritten engine, according to the EI Technology Group. For an extra boost, selection sets can be used to control the number of light the are used by the drawing engine at one time.

Xpressionist 3.0 scripting runs in real-time, so that the script operates in background as users interact with objects in the World View windows. This real time operation is supported for transforms, deformations, and skinning.

With version 6.0, users can drag sections of paths or complete paths around in the View windows. The company describes this as a quick and easy way to reposition your animations from one part of the world to another.

Camera 6.0 gains volumetric/subsurface scattering and ray trace volume transparency. It now supports caustics and file images larger than 2GB, so that users have no limitations on the size and quality of your images.

Version 6.5 will add a totally new Global Illumination rendering engine, and support for Kaydara's FBX application-interchange file format.

EIAS 6.0 costs $895 (around £490), which includes a free copy of NeverCenter's Silo modelling application. Upgrades any previous version cost $379 (£210). EIAS 6.5 will be a free upgrade for owners of version 6.0.

The EI Technology Group Web site is suffering technical difficulties, and we will update this story as more information becomes available.