Eizo will launch the latest addition to its ColorEdge LCD range, the CG301W, at this year's Focus on Imaging Exhibition. The 30-inch LCD includes several high-end features such as a wide colour gamut, 12-bit hardware calibration, and picture-by-picture that the company says is suitable for a wide range of professional graphics applications such as digital photography and soft proofing.

The ColorEdge CG301W employs a wide gamut LCD panel that offers 100 per cent of the NTSC standard and reproduces 97 per cent of the Adobe RGB colour space. This wide gamut is essential for soft proofing because Adobe RGB encompasses colour spaces used in printing such as ISO-coated and US Web-coated.

Eizo calibrates each unit of the ColorEdge CG301W at its factory in Japan by measuring every tone from 0–255 to produce a gamma curve of 2.2. Furthermore, the CG301W offers hardware calibration. Thus, the monitor itself is calibrated rather than the computer’s graphics board as is the case with software calibration. This ensures no colour tones are lost in the calibration process.

Eizo’s ColorNavigator calibration software is bundled with the CG301W and allows users to set the values for brightness, white point, and gamma. ColorNavigator works with a measurement device to directly utilize the monitor’s 12-bit look-up table for hardware calibration in less than five minutes.

When calibration is complete the settings can be saved as an ICC profile. ColorNavigator can also be used to emulate a colour space or colour characteristics of another monitor, meaning the CG301W can accurately reproduce how colour is displayed in the narrower sRGB colour space, which is often used for taking photographs or colour matching with other devices whereas other wide gamut monitors usually cannot.

The native resolution is 2560-×-1600, giving the monitor a 16:10 aspect ratio. Dual DVI-D inputs are included for connecting to two PCs. A picture-by-picture function divides the screen into two equal halves, essentially offering two 1200-×-1600 monitors with no centre bezel. Input from two different computers such as a Windows and a Macintosh can be displayed which makes it possible to work on two tasks simultaneously without having to toggle back and forth.

One input supports dual link for displaying images up to the monitor’s native resolution of 2560-×-1600, and the other input is single link for images up to 1920-×-1200. The single link input supports HDCP equipped devices.

The ColorEdge CG301W comes equipped with EIZO’s latest ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). The ASIC has a 12-bit look-up table with a total colour palette of 68.1 billion colors from which the most appropriate 16.7 million are selected. It also features 16-bit internal processing for smooth display of grayscale tones, which brings out details, especially in dark areas of an image. Furthermore, the ASIC includes a Digital Uniformity Equalizer function that corrects the brightness and chroma uniformity errors that are characteristic of LCD panels and cause an object to appear brighter and more saturated in the centre of the screen than along the edges.